We’re All Mortal

The American Legion at Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, Brig. Gen. Robin Olds Post Number TH01 is reminded that we are all subject to the ills of nature...

This past month, Post TH01 was again reminded that we are all mortal and subject to the ills of nature. One of our elderly comrades was hospitalized with Covid. His local health department would not vaccinate him, earlier, due to his health condition, yet Covid still found its way to him.

His children are in the US and, here in Thailand, his wife was not permitted to visit him in the hospital. We all feared the worst. The lack of communication with him or his medical caregivers was very difficult for the wife and family to deal with. The wonderful thing about this was that he had the forethought to put down on paper all the important things for his family to know and give this to his son before he was incapacitated. He wrote down important information like how to access his financial accounts, review his medical and life insurance policies, how to contact his extended family, Social Security, DFAS, etc. This allowed his family to not worry about any financial problems that might occur and focus on getting him the medical attention he needed.

As it turned out, our Post member seems to be recovering and will be released to his family soon. His preparations for incapacitation have been a great comfort to his family, and by extension, our Service Officer as well.

I encourage everyone to click the following link, download the Post TH01 Emergency Contact Form, and review it to help your family out…just in case…you never know.

Post TH01 Emergency Contact Form Link

Microsoft Word – EmergencyContactForm.doc (americanlegionthailand.com)